We assist clients in all Toronto Family Law courts. Most of our family law appeals practice is centred in Toronto, as well as some of our trial practice for clients who wish to retain knowledgable, accessible counsel who will keep them informed about case progress and who are looking for strategy and value, rather than solely a lawyer located two blocks from their home or the courthouse.

Gordon Scott Campbell used to practice on Bay Street, and knows the ins and outs of the Toronto court system. All our appeals involve block flat fees including travel. Our hourly and daly trial fees with travel (charged at a flat all-inclusive rate) may be quite competitive with similarly qualified Toronto counsel without travel. 

Contact us today to discuss your Toronto court needs, and we'll starting working out a successful family law litigation plan for you. You'll find that we're very accessible by email, telephone and Skype, and work collaboratively with all our clients to secure the optimal family law results possible for them. 

Toronto Family Law SPLIT Court Jurisdiction

Toronto is unfortunately not a unified family law jurisdiction, meaning you'll have to navigate both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, depending on what kind of family law relief you're seeking. Sometimes you'll have a choice over which court to proceed in, especially if you have a federal divorce proceeding that can deal with ancillary provincially regulated family matters like support and custody at the same time. 

The Superior Court of Justice deals with:

  • all matters under the Divorce Act (divorce & corollary relief like spousal support, child support, child custody & access);
  • division of family property under the provincial Family Law Act;
  • spousal support & child support under the Family Law Act (shared jurisdiction with the Ontario Court of Justice);
  • child custody & access under provincial Children’s Law Reform Act (shared jurisdiction with the Ontario Court of Justice).

The Ontario Court of Justice deals with:

  • adoption and child protection;
  • enforcement of support provisions in a separation agreement or other domestic contract;
  • Spousal & child support under Family Law Act (shared with Superior Court of Justice)
  • child custody and access under Children’s Law Reform Act (shared with Superior Court of Justice)

The Four Toronto Family Courthouses

1. 393 University Avenue - 10th Floor

Superior Court of Justice hearing family law matters. 

2. 311 Jarvis Street

Ontario Court of Justice hearing family law matters. 

3. 47 Sheppard Avenue East

Ontario Court of Justice hearing family law matters. 

4. 130 Queen Street West

Home of the Court of Appeal for Ontario and Divisional Court of Superior Court of Justice. Some family appeals go to the Divisional Court, while others proceed to the Court of Appeal, depending on the type of order to the challenged and the court that issued it. The Court of Appeal has only one location for cases originating anywhere in Ontario, whereas three judge panels of the Divisional Court hear cases in eight regional centres, of which 130 Queen Street West is the main Divisional Court registry


TORONTO Superior Court of Justice - Family 

393 University Avenue, 10th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6     416-327-2064



311 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2C4     416-327-6868



47 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON M2N 5N1     416-326-3592


Toronto Divisional Court (Superior Court of Justice) & Court of Appeal for Ontario

130 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2N5     Divisional Court: 416-327-5100    Court of Appeal: 416-327-5020