The firm's lawyers have practiced at all levels of trial and appeal courts throughout Canada up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. They've successfully conducted innumerable trials and numerous appeals.

The "No Fear" approach that they give you extends to the tenacity with which they undertake each new case for every client. They'll be there as your strong ally to lean on throughout every step of the family change legal process. And they aren't afraid of any opposing counsel or court proceedings because they've seen the worst the legal world has to offer, and know how to effectively deal with it for you. 

Why Accessible & Approachable Family Law Lawyers are Important

We've understand how frustrated you'd be when going through a family crisis if you couldn't get hold of you lawyer. If your lawyer didn't return your phone calls. If your lawyer was always out of the office, with no staff available to talk to you about your matter. If your lawyer didn't update you on the progress of your matter. 

We employ a combination of advanced technology, mobility, and an integrated legal team to provide you with timely services that are responsive to your needs. Because we have a team of lawyers, law clerks, and other staff there will usually be someone available to assist you with your matter. Because of our technology using a spectrum of electronic and paper communications and record keeping, including email, Skype, telephone, and in-person communications, you'll be kept informed of your matter's progress, and we'll be readily available to take instructions from you. 

We pride ourselves on our accessibility and approachability. We have three office locations, but also serve clients far beyond those locations. We'll give you our fair and frank assessment of your case prospects at an early stage of working with you, and explain how to best obtain the optimal case results for you and your family. 


Gordon S. Campbell B.A. LL.B. B.C.L.

Gordon is the firm's Senior Barrister and Managing Lawyer. He's successfully conducted hundreds of trials & appeals in both French & English up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. He'll help you if your family law case may need to go to court or arbitration, or involves especially contentious negotiations. 

Gordon previously served with the Department of Justice Canada, Global Affairs Canada, the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario, and Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada.

He has particular expertise in appeals and international/ transnational/ interprovincial family law issues. He has practiced law in every province of Canada, including having been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia & Nova Scotia Barristers Society in addition to his current Law Society of Ontario membership. He’s been a delegate for Canada to United Nations and APEC meetings.


matthew maclean b.A. LL.B. LL.L.

Matthew is the firm's Senior Solicitor. He concentrates on the preparation of separation agreements, co-habitation agreements, financial analysis of property division, and uncontested divorces. He's especially knowledgable about cross-border Quebec-Ontario family issues.

Matthew can also assist you with real estate transactions, wills & estate planning, and corporate or partnership business reorganization as you transition through your family change. He practices in French and English.

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William pratique en tant qu'avocat et procureur en droit de la famille. Double citoyen canadien et américain, William se concentre principalement sur les litiges transnationaux relatifs à la famille et à la garde d’enfants. Il a commencé ses études en droit à la faculté de droit de l'University of Virginia et a obtenu des diplômes en droit civil (B.C.L.) et en common law (LL.B.) à la faculté de droit de l'Université McGill. Il pratique en français et en anglais.

William practices as a family law barrister and solicitor. A dual Canadian and American citizen, one of William’s practice concentrations is transnational family and child custody disputes. He started his legal studies at the University of Virginia School of Law and earned degrees in Civil Law (B.C.L) and Common Law (LL.B.) from the McGill University Faculty of Law. He practices in French and English.

Nancy Hamelin is the firm’s lead law clerk for family law appeals.

Yael Benyair is the firm’s lead law clerk for international/transnational & interprovincial family law matters.

Jessica Husband is the firm’s lead law clerk for negotiated and trial level family law cases.

Other clerks and staff also assist the lawyers in serving the firm's family law clients.