domestic violence VICTIM lawyer

You Have the right to a lawyer

Victims of domestic violence have the right to a lawyer. It's unfortunate that the system is so complex that a victim needs a lawyer, but victims must remember that the Crown prosecutor is not your lawyer, and the police do not work for you - both work for the public at large. 

The firm regularly represents victims in their interactions with the police and prosecutors. We can advise you on the likely outcomes of making a criminal complaint, assist you in assembling evidence to present to the police, attend with and represent you if you make a statement to police, and represent you at any court proceeding. We can also seek a s. 810 Criminal Code peace bond or civil family restraining order against your ex-spouse if the facts support such an application.

We Also Work as Criminal Defence Lawyers

Police increasingly charge both spouses where there is evidence of mutual domestic violence, even if sometimes that violence is only the minor destruction of property. We defend clients on criminal charges arising out of their family situations. Fixed block fees are available for criminal matters because of the predictable amount of time that will likely be spent on a case. 

Gordon S. Campbell served as a Federal Crown Prosecutor and Assistant Crown Attorney, and is the author of three criminal law books. He is a member of Legal Aid Ontario's Domestic Violence Panel and Extremely Serious Criminal Matters Panel.