FAMILY real estate, wills & business lawyer

Often the last stage of a family change is the transfer or liquidation of existing assets, acquisition of new assets, reorganization of a business, and redoing of wills and estate plans. We assist family law clients in-house so you don't need to look for another law firm with:

  • transfers, sales and purchases of real estate, including matrimonial homes;
  • reorganization of businesses, including sales of all or part of a business, and reorganization of director, officer, and lending structures;
  • drafting of last wills & testaments, continuing powers of attorney for property, powers of attorney for personal care, and other forms of estate planning. 

We conduct a high volume real estate and estates practice, and Senior Solicitor Matthew MacLean can advise you on all your real estate, business, and wills & estates law needs arising out of your change in family situation.