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The Child and Family Services Act and Children's Law Reform Act govern child protection in Ontario.

What Does The Best Interests of the Child Test Mean?

The very simple to conceptualize but fiendishly complex to implement "best interests of the child" test guides all family law decisions in Ontario. While parental "rights" do play a role in Ontario family law, they are largely subsumed into the child's best interests as involving maximum contact with both parents. 

All parents have support obligations towards their children, which tend to terminate when those children turn 18 if they have left school, or in their early 20s when they have completed one post-secondary degree. 

Parental Alienation has recently become a huge source of contentious litigation in separation and divorce proceedings, sometimes requiring the involvement of a Children's Aid Society or the Office of the Children's Lawyer. 

Parents (and sometimes grandparents) each have the right to a lawyer when the Children's Aid Society intervenes in an attempt to secure temporary or permanent custody of children. 

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) Child Protection Certificates Accepted

Gordon S. Campbell is a member of Legal Aid Ontario's Child Protection Panel, and accepts legal aid certificates in Eastern Ontario for select cases.